Pyramid – Quest for Immortality

Take a Trip Back in Time with NetEnt’s Pyramid – Quest for Immortality

About This Slot
Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is a gem of an online slot game released by the iGaming giant, Net Entertainment, in October 2015. As the name suggests, the theme of this online game is Ancient Egypt. With this slot, NetEnt takes you back thousands of years to the forgotten world of the pharaohs and pyramids. When playing this game, you feel like you have stepped into Indiana Jones’ shoes as you find yourself inside an ancient pyramid loaded with riches.

Egyptian-themed slot games have always been popular and Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is definitely not an exception. As expected with a NetEnt production, the graphics and sound effects for the game are amazing. NetEnt has put a fresh twist on Egyptian-themed slot games by designing the slot in the shape of a pyramid. The slot has five reels with a unique layout.

Betting options
To create a pyramidal shape, reels one and five contain three symbols, reels two and four contain four symbols, and reel three contains five symbols. This set-up means a colossal 720 (3 x 4 x 5 x 4 x 3) paylines. Due to the lack of standard paylines, any three or more identical symbols on adjacent reels, from left to right, constitutes a win.

To add to the authenticity of the slot, the symbols are hieroglyphic images of queens, pharaohs, snakes, scarabs, and eagles. Other symbols are playing cards valued from Ace to 10. Coin betting ranges in the game vary from €0.01 to €2.00 and the minimum/maximum bet is €0.10 and €200.00 per spin. This makes the game suitable for all types of gamblers.

How to Play
Like most of NetEnt’s slots, playing is very simple:

  1. Adjust bet level (1 to 10)
  2. Adjust coin value so the betting stake ranges from €0.10 and €200.00
  3. Click spin

Bonus Features
Avalanche feature:
After you have won, the symbols that contributed to the win explode and symbols from above drop down and potentially earn the player more wins and more avalanches. With every three successive wins, the avalanche multiplier increases times one and can reach a maximum of ten times. Get a multiplier of ten times and you could win 36000 times your bet.

Wilds generation: The golden ankh is the wild symbol. Every time a symbol is destroyed at the top of reels two, three, or four, they are replaced with a wild after the avalanche. These will stay where they are or fall down when a winning combination appears below. This increases the chances of winning.

NetEnt have once again got one over on their competitors with this stylish game. They have taken the popular Ancient Egypt theme and given it an impressive makeover. It is a fun and exciting game that regularly has a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.5 per cent and offers the chance to win big money. Win 36000 times your bet and achieve immortality status among your friends.

Machine-Gun Unicorn

The Most Bizarre Slot Game in the World!

About This Slot
Machine-Gun Unicorn – an online slot game released in July 2015 by the iGaming giant, Genesis Gaming. Since then, Machine-Gun Unicorn got much positive attention due to its weird theme, brilliant graphics, action-packed music, and simple but effective slot design. Much excitement preceded its release and it has won the accolade of being a finalist in the “Game to Watch” category at the 2015 Ice Convention.

The strange theme of this slot machine is unicorns versus flesh-eating zombies. Yes, you read that correctly. This slot game is where My Little Pony meets Dawn of the Dead. The story behind the game is that the unicorns are living a happy and peaceful life until, one day, ravenous zombies attack. The unicorns try to defend themselves, but the zombies are too powerful and the unicorns are getting slaughtered. When all seems lost, a hero by the name of Machine-Gun Unicorn, a unicorn with a machine gun on his head instead of a horn, appears to fight back.

Betting options
Machine-Gun Unicorn is an ordinary five-reel, three-row, ten-fixed payline slot machine that pays both ways (from left to right and right to left). This is a welcome addition to any slot machine as it increases the chances of winning. To add to this, the Return to Player (RTP) is an impressive 97.19 per cent. The reels are transparent and set in front of a backdrop of a mythical land. The symbols in the game include three different unicorns, a dragon, and three different zombie heads in jars.

The coin betting ranges in the game vary from €0.01 to €25.00. This is a ten-fixed payline slot and players must place bets on all ten lines, and the betting range is from €0.10 to €250.00 per spin.

How to Play
Playing is simple:

  1. Decide your betting stake (between €0.10 and €250.00)
  2. Click the spin button and enjoy

Although there is no progressive jackpot, free spins, or bonus round, there is the possibility of winning up to 200 times your bet thanks to the Machine-Gun Unicorn wild symbol. This symbol appears only on reel three and causes every zombie head on all five reels to explode. The more zombie heads, the higher the rewards (up to 200 times your original bet). If there are no zombie heads, you still earn a special prize.

Machine-Gun Unicorn is a very simple and fun slot to play. It pays out regularly and, although it won’t make you exceedingly rich, there is the opportunity to win some pretty decent money. The Machine-Gun Unicorn symbol appears often enough to help keep the excitement flowing. The theme of unicorns versus zombies should not work, but it does, and ensures that this slot machine stands out from the crowd.



King of Slots

King of Slots is vintage form
About the slot
If you want to be the king, then you must be willing to risk a king’s ransom. Well not really, but it helps if the ultimate prize is what you’re seeking. This game is set on an island surrounded by azure blue waters and hilly knolls of green turf. That’s all you’ll get from this NetEnt offering in the way of a theme because this game is about the treasure not the spectacle. The developers at NetEnt want to keep it simple in this offering.

This is an award winning organization that prides itself on knowing the industry and reaching individual market segments that may carry over to others. The game display is simple, the graphics although top notch are simple, but what sets this igaming experience apart from many is the chance to win and the amount of that win.

The classic icons are employed in this game like the jewels and the large capitalized bold letters.
These are set on an industry standard five and three display with a generous pay line gift of twenty-six.

The wild is designated by the jewel of blue which changes unwanted symbols for other chances at winning groups. There are scatters provided by the stones of purple and upon displaying five of them players are awarded spins. How many free reel turns a player receives is determined by the number of gems appearing. The appearance of five will offer ten spins, six gives fifteen and if a player collects seven the prize is an extra twenty. For the eight and nine and fifteen respectively there are 25, and thirty. Theses have a multiplier of three.

The sticky feature of scatter requires three on any reels and will continue as long as wins are revealed then the payouts follow. A player can achieve another bonus in win groupings by ceasing the reels. This is called skill top. Gamers can enjoy auto play and allow the game to do the work for them as they collect win after win, if luck be on your side.

Betting Choices
Players can enjoy the freedom of betting by choosing between one cent and a Euro. The top bet allowed per payout line would be 1 Euro. But for the risk taker seeking the king’s ransom wagering the top amount per line of Euro will return the desired fortune. There is a jackpot of 750.000 awaiting the bold.

King of Slots from cutting age designer NetEnt is not only on from the ages, but one for all ages. You will surely enjoy finding igame treasures like this that are seemingly quiet and sedate, but once uncovered provide a vast explosion of entertainment and reward.